Side by side pictures of the Kenmore immersion blender and attachments with fruits and berries arranged around it on a white kitchen counter on the left and the black Kenmore stand blender filled with green frozen beverage on the right

In the realm of kitchen appliances, blenders play a pivotal role in simplifying meal preparation and boosting culinary creativity. Most home and professional chefs will tell you that they consider it essential to have a good blender on hand - and two or three is even better. But with the variety of different types of blenders on the market, some highly specialized, how do you know what to choose?

Blender Battle: Is an immersion blender or stand blender right for me?

In this post we will focus on the two kitchen workhorses, immersion blenders and countertop blenders. These old favorites have both stood the test of time for one simple reason - they get the job done, simplifying kitchen prep and making short work of otherwise time-consuming tasks. So which one is right for you?

Side by side pictures of the Kenmore immersion blender and attachments with fruits and berries arranged around it on a white kitchen counter on the left, the black Kenmore stand blender filled with green frozen beverage on the right, and a gray and black wavy line separating them
Who do you think will win in the ultimate battle of the blenders?

The answer depends very much on your needs. Both types of blenders have their merits, but depending on what you are using the blender for, there are instances when one can provide better results than the other.

When you need POWER

When it comes to blending, whipping, or pureeing softer ingredients like fruits or cooked vegetables, both stand blenders and immersion blenders will get the job done. The biggest feature that sets the two types of blenders is power: With their larger motors, countertop blenders are more likely to have the capacity to effectively tackle harder, tougher ingredients like ice cubes and frozen fruits.

Kenmore stand blender, empty, on a white kitchen counter, with a wooden cutting board, glasses of smoothie and margarita, sliced limes, and bowls of berries arranged around it
Countertop blenders like this red one from Kenmore are more effective with touch ingredients

Kenmore’s countertop blenders are workhorses known for powerful motors that let them handle stubborn ingredients with ease. With its 1200W motor and heavy-duty stainless steel blades, Kenmore’s powerful stand blender is perfect for crushing ice for frozen desserts or drinks and grinding smooth nut butters.

When you need VERSATILITY

Don’t let their smaller motors trick you into thinking immersion blenders aren’t just as - if not even more - useful! Also known as hand blender or stick blenders, immersion blenders are known for their incredible versatility. Their ability to blend directly pots, pans, and even cups makes immersion blenders ideal for preparing soups, sauces, and smoothies, and the hand-held design gives you precise control over the blending process.

Kenmore immersion blender set with whisk and food chopper attachments and blending jar with storage lid on a white and gray marble counter with fruits and vegetables arranged around
Interchangeable blending rod, whisk, and food chopper make the Kenmore 400W hand blender indispensable in the kitchen

Kenmore’s immersion blender set goes even further, providing you with whisk and food chopper attachments that allow you to tackle a huge variety of tasks.

When you need SPACE

Another unique feature of stick blenders is their size, which makes them the go-to choice for anyone who is working with a smaller kitchen or limited counter space as well as those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic.

Kenmore hand blender with whisk attachment lying on its side with bowls of whipped cream and strawberries behind it
With its narrow profile, Kenmore’s stainless steel hand blender easily tucks away in a drawer or cupboard

With a hand blender there is no bulky blending pitcher taking up space on your counter, in your cupboard: you simply immerse the blending wand in your container and blend right there.

A person wearing a black t-shirt using the Kenmore stick blender to blend a light pink smoothie in the included blending jar
The Kenmore immersion blender’s slim blending rod fits easily into any container

And when it comes to storage, the Kenmore immersion blender comes apart into space-saving, compact pieces that will fit easily into a drawer or cupboard, leaving your counters free.

When you need A LOT

Although they take up more counter space, many stand blenders have the advantage when it comes to preparing large batches of smoothies, frozen drinks, or sauces.

A person's hand holding up the red Kenmore countertop blender and pouring pale orange smoothie through the spout into a glass on a white kitchen counter
Kenmore’s built-in pouring spout is extra-convenient when you’re making drinks for a crowd

Kenmore’s countertop blenders have extra-large blending jars that allow you to blend up to 8 cups at a time, making them ideal for anyone who likes to meal prep in advance or who finds themselves cooking for a crowd! The lightweight 64 oz pitchers are made of shatterproof and BPA-free Tritan material for your safety and peace of mind.

A person in a floral short-sleeved blouse holds the vent cap filled with oil ready to pour into the Kenmore stand blender
Kenmore’s removable vent cover does double duty as a measuring cup so you have one less dish to wash

For added convenience, Kenmore’s countertop blenders feature a removable vent cap that doubles as a measuring cup and an easy-pour spout with a flip-up cover so you can blend and pour without worrying about leaks or spills.

When you need to MULTITASK

Another stand-out feature of some stand blenders is hands-free operation. Set the ingredients, select the speed and let the blender do all the work - just be sure that your countertop blender has the necessary features to do so safely! Kenmore’s stand blenders are equipped with safety features such as non-slip suction feet to keep them securely in place while blending and a safety interlock with automatic shut-off to prevent the motor from overheating.

A person's hand reaching towards the controls on the Kenmore black countertop blender with whole tomatoes to the right and a bowl of chopped tomatoes to the left
The Kenmore countertop blender’s programmed functions and built-in safety features free up your hands for other tasks

To make your life even easier, Kenmore’s 8-cup countertop blender has one-touch automatic Ice Crush and Smoothie modes. With the push of a button, these programmed functions cycle through a series of blending operations and then stop automatically - this can truly be a gamechanger when it comes to multitasking in the kitchen!

And the WINNER is….

Surprise! In the battle of immersion versus countertop stand blenders there is no clear winner since the choice of which one - or both - depends on your specific needs and kitchen preferences. The immersion blender excels in versatility and space-saving design. Meanwhile the countertop stand blender boasts increased power and capacity plus hands-free operation.

Side by side pictures of the Kenmore immersion blender and attachments with fruits and berries arranged around it on a white kitchen counter on the left and the black Kenmore stand blender filled with green frozen beverage on the right
Surprise! You’ll be the real winner when you discover how all the amazing ways these blenders can help you in the kitchen!

Many busy families and home chefs prefer to keep both these appliances in their kitchen arsenal, since the combination provides the perfect blend of efficiency and capability that enables them to tackle any culinary adventure that comes their way!