PetU App

Connect to your Lentek Smart Treat Tosser or Lentek Smart Pet Feeder and record photos and videos, dispense meals, toss treats, and talk to your pets from a distance with your iPhone or Android smartphone!

Banner image shows the smart treat tosser with a hand holding a smartphone on the left, screenshots of the app in use in the center, and the smart pet feeder with a hand holding a smartphone on the right

App Functions

  • Feeding statistics
  • Regular feeding
  • Automatic feeding
  • Remote one-key feeding
  • Remote pet monitoring
  • Two-way remote communication
  • Audio/video recording


SmartKool App

Connect to your high-performance SmartKool Travel Fridge/Freezer to freeze or cool food and drinks on the go without ice and with wireless temperature control right at your fingertips!

Banner image shows the three sizes of SmartKool Bluetooth-enabled 12V freezers on a light gray background

App Functions

  • Simple Bluetooth connection
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Temperature control
  • Control multiple devices with one app
  • Device sharing between phones