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Nobody wants to leave their pets home alone

Are you heading back to work in person or gearing up for a busy holiday season? After nearly 3 years of being homebodies, more and more people are returning to the office. And if the prospect of changing up your routine and habits yet again seems stressful to us, just imagine how it feels for our fur babies who have gotten used to having their humans around full time.

Photo of beagle eating from the Lentek smart pet feeder on a honey-colored wood floor
We know you don't want to be away from them either!

So how do you make the transition easier for both you and your pets? With one smart solution - or rather THREE smart solutions! Smart and automated pet feeders remove all your concerns and let you connect with your pet while you're not at home.

Picture of the Lentek smart pet feeder and Lentek smart treat tosser on a white background. There are two hands each holding a mobile phone with a picture of a pug dog on the screens in the foreground
Lentek's smart pet products can help!

What can smart pet products do for you?

If you have to be away from your pets for long periods of time - even overnight - there are three main issues that you have to address:

  • Feeding: You know how important routine is to your cat or dog - but how do you maintain a regular feeding schedule if you can't be there?
  • Behavior: We all know how much trouble a cat or dog can get into when they’re on their own - how can you manage their behavior if you're not there?
  • Companionship: When you're away from home, your pet misses you as much as you miss them - Is there a way to build your connection even if you're not there in person?

The good news is that technology has the solution for all three of those problems!

Maintaining a Regular Feeding Schedule

If you spend a long time at work and out of the house, you're going to want to make sure your pet has enough to eat throughout the day. Lentek's Programmable Five Meal Pet Dish can help with that! Use this dish to electronically schedule your pet's meals. Fill the different compartments with dry food or treats and program the digital timer to set up when they open. The five different compartments allow you to give your pet all their favorite foods exactly when they need it.

Photo of a fluffy white kitten eating from a 7-meal pet feeder on a dark brown wooden floor with the bottom of an orange sofa visible in the background
Schedule up to 5 meals and snacks to keep your cat or dog's mealtimes and portion sizes consistent

Many owners resort to over-filling the food bowl if they know they're going to be away, putting their pets at risk of over-eating. Lentek's Programmable Pet Dish and Lentek's Smart Pet Feeder both remove this issue by automatically dispensing just the right size meals on a timed schedule throughout the day, helping your beloved fur babies stay happy and healthy.

A light brown cat and a golden labrador retriever are eating from two Lentek smart feeders placed side by side with different types and amounts of food dispensed
Automated pet feeders dispense just the right amount of food for each meal

The Smart Pet Feeder is especially useful if your own schedule is unpredictable. If you are called away unexpectedly or have to work later than planned, the PetU app features a manual option that lets you override the scheduled feedings and dispense a meal any time.

Monitoring Your Pet's Behavior

Don't you ever wonder what your pet is doing when you're not at home? With Lentek's Smart Treat Tosser and the Lentek Smart Pet Feeder you don't have to wonder! These innovative WiFi-connected pet feeders feature built-in 720p HD cameras and two-way microphones and speakers that you can control right from your iPhone or Android smartphone using the free PetU app. Simply download the app, connect to your phone, and feed, monitor, and communicate with your fur babies from afar.

Photo of a golden doodle looking directly into the camera of the Lentek Smart Pet Treat Tosser on a black side table between two white armchairs
Just look at that good doggo - that's going to make a great pic!

The Lentek smart pet products and PetU app give you the ability to watch over your pet to make sure they are behaving properly. With the camera and microphone feature, you are capable of monitoring your pet and speaking with them whenever needed. Check in with your pets, see what they're up to, discourage bad behavior, and reward good behavior with praise or treats.

On the left is a hand holding a smartphone with the PetU app on screen and on the left is a photo of a mini doberman pinscher sitting on a beige sofa
Record and share photos and video right from your smartphone!

The PetU app even lets you record photos and videos to share with your friends and family so no-one has to miss a single moment.

Communicating and Playing with Your Pet

Many pet owners' biggest concern when they are away from home is maintaining their strong bond with their pets. If your cat or dog has gotten used to you being around more they might feel lonely or scared when you start staying away longer. Fortunately the audio features built into the Lentek pet products can help.

The Lentek Programmable Pet Dish has an integrated microphone and speaker that lets you record a message to your pet that will automatically play at mealtimes, while the smart feeder and treat tosser both feature two-way audio so you and your pet can communicate with each other at mealtimes or any time!

Picture of a fluffy white kitten lying on a dark brown wooden floor beside the Lentek programmable 5 meal pet dish with an overlaid 'sound wave' graphic indicating a voice coming from the speaker
Programmable pet dish automatically plays a voice message at mealtimes

With the Lentek Smart Treat Tosser you can even play interactive games with your cat or dog remotely. Imagine the look on your pet's face when they hear your voice and then see their favorite treat flying through the air! Connect your phone to the Treat Tosser using the PetU app to launch treats with the click of a button and have playtime anytime, anywhere! Use the video camera to watch and cheer for your pet when they successfully catch their treat and record all the fun moments to watch later or to share on social media.

Picture of a beagle standing on a cream colored dog bed in a bedroom getting ready to catch a treat tossed by the Lentek smart treat tosser
Of course you don't have to imagine because you'll see it all on camera!

If your pet is struggling with your transition back to work, or even if you're called away unexpectedly or have to stay out longer than you had planned, you'll find the two-way audio feature of Lentek's Pet Feeder and Treat Tosser indispensable. Regularly talking to your pet, reassuring them you haven't forgotten about them, and keeping them company from a distance will keep your bond stronger than ever.

Smart pet products for smart pet owners

We might not always like where technology is heading these days, but when it comes to your beloved pets there is no denying that smart and automated products can significantly decrease the stress of having to be away from home. Lentek's programmable and WiFi-enabled pet feeders have all the features you need to maintain a regular feeding schedule, manage your pets' behavior, and stay connected wherever and whenever you have to be.

 Picture of a ginger cat lying on its back with its eyes closed and front legs stretched upwards on an orange cushion. Text overlay reads: How do you stay connected with your pet when you're stuck at work?

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