Photo of an open gray and white cooler filled with food and drinks on a wooden dock with a lake in the background

Planning your long weekend at the last minute? No problem!

The long weekend is the perfect time to take a break from the stress of a busy week. Relax, and spend time celebrating with family and friends. In need of some easy, low-key activities you can do for the long weekend? Check out our top 5 ideas for last-minute fun - no preparation needed!

1. Host an outdoor movie night

Set up a projector in your backyard and enjoy movie night under the stars! You don't need anything fancy - just hang a light-colored sheet or tablecloth from a clothesline and you're ready to go! Plug your air-popper into an outdoor extension cord to keep the popcorn coming all evening long - this Coors Light-branded air popper even has a built-in butter warmer to melt your butter while the popcorn pops.

A popcorn maker in the shape of a football. The football is split in half and one of the halves is being used as a popcorn bowl. The machine is sitting on a wooden table and the background is blurry and the colour green.
Popcorn for everyone!!

Fill up a cooler with ice and your favorite drinks for so anyone can grab a cold soda or beer whenever they like. The giant 85-can ice chest from Coca-Cola even has a built-in bottle opener so you don't need to worry about finding (or losing!) any extra gadgets outside.

A red cooler with the words "Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles" written on it. The cooler is outside in front of a blue tent and it is sitting on a picnic blanket. Also on the blanket is a cup with utensils in it, grapes, an apple, a sandwich, and two bottles of cola.
54 qt cooler has room for everything you need!

2. Hit the open road for an overnight camping trip!

What better way to enjoy the long weekend than to spend it outdoors? Just throw everything you need in the car and hit the road. Using a thermoelectric cooler in place of an ice chest to keep your food cold will save you tons of room when packing your vehicle.

A white cooler sits in the back of a black van. The trunk door of the van is open revealing the cooler. In the cooler bottles of soda, chocolate milk, grapes, apples, peppers, and packaged food. Beside the cooler is a blue backpack.
The Kool Kaddy will let you pack enough for the whole weekend

Koolatron's 12V coolers plug right into your car so you don't have to stress about ice melting or food getting warm and can spend more time enjoying the scenery!

3. Spend a day at the beach.

Take the family out to a nearby beach to enjoy the sunny weather and swimming activities. Fill up the Corona 13L Ice Chest with Bottle Opener and take it with you for all the drinks and snacks you'll need.

A group of people sit together on a blanket at a beach. There is sand under the blanket and water in the background. The people are holding beers and laughing. One man is holding a speaker. Next to the group of people is a blue and red ice chest box.
Chill your beers in chic vintage style!

This retro-style ice chest will have you looking chic on the beach while also providing you with the space you need. Beach days provide all around fun for the family and is great for a long weekend activity.

4. Host a backyard BBQ.

What's a long weekend without a good barbecue and lots of yummy food? Invite some friends over and host a backyard barbecue!

A cooler sits on a picnic table with a grey tablecloth. In the background is blurred out greenery. Next to the cooler and on the table are water bottles, a pop can, a pop bottle, stacked cups, a sandwich, some granola, grapes, an apple, and a pear.
The Travel Saver has tons of room for drink for a crowd!

Throw some hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill and use Koolatron’s TravelSaver 12V Cooler Warmer to keep your drinks cold while you chat with friends and enjoy being outside. This cooler has a two-way design making it perfect for your BBQ party needs.

5. Family game night with sundae bar

Rainy weather in the forecast? Stay in and have a family game night! Play some board games, solve puzzles, or even compete and quiz each other with trivia questions. And if things get a bit heated, cool down with ice cream sundaes!

A white ice cream maker sits on a white counter. Around the ice cream maker are peaches, chocolate chips, sprinkles, ice cream, strawberries, and a spoon.
The Total Chef Ice Cream Factory makes ice cream with the push of a button

You can make the night extra fun by making your own ice cream for a treat the whole family will love. With a countertop ice cream maker all you have to do is add your ingredients and turn it on for delicious, homemade ice cream - no ice, salt, or pre-freezing required! Set out an assortment of sauces and toppings for a DIY sundae bar that the whole family will love!

Get the most out of your long weekends this year

No matter what your interests, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of your long weekend - even if you have left your planning to the last minute! Make sure to take the time to do something fun with the peole you love so you can really enjoy those days off.

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