Koolatron 12V 4 in 1 Air Compressor Pump w/ Pressure Gauge, Portable Tire Inflator, 3 Nozzle Adapters with Sports Needle, Black, for Bicycle, Car, Air Mattress, Sports Equipment, Balls, Pool Toys

KoolatronSKU: 402326

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Product Features

  • 4-Piece Adapter Set: Comes equipped with a valve stem connector for bike or motor vehicle tires, small and large tapered nozzle adapters to fit different openings and a sports needle for inflating basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and more
  • Locking Valve Stem Connector: Universal valve stem connector with thumb lock quickly and easily locks into place with minimal air loss when attaching and detaching
  • Fast Convenient Inflation: Powerful and efficient air pump can inflate a car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in less than 5 minutes and fits easily into your vehicle's trunk or glove compartment for storage
  • 9 Ft (2.7 m) 12V Power Cord: Durable 9 foot (2.7 m) long cord plugs into your vehicle's 12V receptacle with ample length to reach where you need it so you can pump up a flat tire, pool toy, air mattress, soccer ball right where and when you need to
  • Built-In Safety Features: Built-in 200 PSI pressure gauge takes the guesswork out of accurate inflating and the flexible 16" air hose features a durable braided nylon cover to protect from punctures or tears

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Product Dimensions: 5.90 x 2.80 x 4.65 in (14.99 x 7.11 x 11.81 cm
Product Weight: 1.18 lbs (0.54 kg)
Package Dimensions: 6.95 x 3.25 x 5.10 in (17.65 x 8.26 x 12.95 cm)
Package Weight: 1.30 lbs (0.60 kg)
Cord Length: 9.00 ft (2.74 m)
Package Contents: Compressor; universal valve stem connector; 2 tapered nozzles; sports needle; 12V power cord
Color: Black
Power Type: 12V DC
Warranty: 90 days parts and labor

Safety and convenience in one portable 12V air compressor

Be prepared for roadside emergencies and get ready for summer fun in the sun with this powerful portable 12V air compressor. With a universal valve stem connector, two tapered nozzle adapters, and sports needle included, it will fit most valves and openings. The compact unit fits easily in your trunk or glove compartment so it's on hand whenever you need it and the high-powered compressor can inflate anything from an air mattress to a motorcycle tire in minutes. The 9 ft (2.7 m) power cord plugs into your vehicle's 12V receptacle with ample length to reach where you need it, whether you are re-inflating a flat tire or pumping up pool toys for the kids. A built-in 200 PSI pressure gauge lets you easily check your progress to take the guesswork out of accurately inflating objects and the flexible 16" air hose is wrapped in durable braided nylon to protect from tears or punctures.

Tips for Best Use:
- Ensure that the connector is screwed into the valve stem until it locks firmly in place
- Do not leave unit unattended while operating
- Keep out of reach of children
- Do not use with AC/DC power adapter
- Do not exceed the recommended pressure on an item as over-inflated items could burst and cause serious injury
- Do not use for inflating high pressure tires such as those on large trucks, semi-trailers, or tractors
- After 15 minutes of continuous use, turn the compressor off and let it rest for 15 minutes before using again
- When running at more than 75 Psi, do not operate for more than 7 minutes

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